The minimum image resolution should be 1000x1000 pixels.  The higher resolution the photo has, the better your final poster image will be.  We will do our best with the photos submitted and may reach out to you if we feel the quality is too poor.


If unable to reach you we will cancel the order and return any payment maid.

Use this conversion to judge how large of a print that your digital camera can produce.

Camera Megapixels

Image Resolution*


2048x1536 pixels


2464x1632 pixels


3008x2000 pixels


3264x2448 pixels


3872x2592 pixels


4290x2800 pixels


4920x3264 pixels

*Typical Resolution. Actual pixel dimensions vary slightly from camera to camera.

Typically a poster order will take about 10 business days to process, after which you will receive an email notification where you will be asked to approve a proof of the artwork.  After you have accepted the proof we will print and ship. 
Shipping timeframes will depend on weather and carrier, but assuming you accept our proof on delivery, you should expect your poster order to arrive in about 2 1/2 weeks.


Larger orders can take a little more time do to processing capacity, but we try to stay very close to the 10 day turnaround. 


If we feel we will need more time, we will contact you via email to discuss options.
Our posters are printed on a heavy polypropylene paper using a process that creates a high quality and durable image. And because of the ink and paper choice your poster will be water and tear resistant. This means that you can frame and display your poster or decide to hang it up on the wall with tape or thumbtacks.

YSP truly enjoys working with youth sports clubs and organizations and are happy to offer a discount of up to 35% Off for these groups*.  Typically we will require that the organization pick a single template background that can be used for all the players and the group order size must be at least 20 posters in order to qualify.                  * Discount % will depend on the volume of posters ordered.

 If you would like to learn more about this program and apply for a reference code, please Contact Us directly.  Be sure to include your phone number as we may have some follow up questions.

When you order a poster that requires more than one photo we will do our best to apply those images in the order of your upload.  So the first image uploaded will be the main image used.  However, sometimes the quality of that image or position of the player is not conducive to the template, in which case our design team will choose out of the additional images provided. 

Once our design team has produced what they feel is the best layout for your selected poster given the images provided, they will send you a proof via email.  Only upon your review and approval will the artwork be finalized and then sent for printing.

YSP will send you a proof after 10 business days for your review.  If you approve, we will send the artwork to print and ship.  If you are not satisfied with the proof then you are able to provide feedback and we will do our best to make those changes. 

If we are unable to perform the changes that you request will work with you to come up with a solution.  If we cannot agree on the next steps we can cancel your order and fully refund you funds.

Unfortunately once the product has gone off to the printers at that point we are unable to make any refunds.  This is why we provide our customers with a high quality proof that they can review prior to printing. 

If you are unsatisfied with the proof, we will work with you in order to make improvements. Should that not work, we can cancel the order at that stage and refund your purchase.

  • Avoid Shadows - shadows on your subjects face or body may be hard to remove in production so try and it may not align with the lighting in the poster template. So avoid at all costs.
    • For best results - look for open shade on a sunny day.
    • Open shade is your best friend as it provides plenty of natural light from the sun but avoids the issues of shadows on your subject. Open shade is a shaded area that’s open and lets light into the area on at least one side, but provides enough shade that your subject is completely covered by the shade. This can be a covered porch or veranda, a gazebo, a tree, the side of a building, or a nice white fluffy cloud passing by that temporarily blocks out the sun. And if none of those are available a helper holding up a large umbrella or blanket can offer enough shade to work. 
  • Pick the right angle
    • Many photographers make the mistake of shooting from a standing position. For youth sports, this means that they are generally shooting down on the athlete – which is not a very flattering angle and does not work for the poster templates that we have. Instead, try squatting or kneeling on the ground for a better perspective.


Just as with a player portrait, you want to avoid direct sunlight and shadows cast on the individuals.  Look for open shade areas that have plenty of natural light, but avoid the shadowing effect of objects and the sun.

For tips and good suggestions on how to stage your players to create a more interesting image watch this great tutorial from Westcott Lighting: Easy Posing Tips