Burning Game

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All of our Baseball and Softball templates posters are designed to provide a creative backdrop specific to either Baseball, Softball or Both.

The number of photos required to complete this design is = 1

The main image will cropped out of its background and set front and center.


The minimum image resolution should be 1000x1000 pixels, after cropping.  The higher resolution the photo has, the better your final poster image will be.  We will do our best with the photos submitted and may reach out to you if we feel the quality is too poor. If unable to reach you we will cancel the order and return any payment made.

For more information regarding this policy or tips on how to select your picture please see our FAQs page.

Customer Reviews

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Satisfied Momma

Jeff is amazing with my kids and he makes sure that he changes it up each time and makes it fun for each person according to their sport and personality! He does it in a timely manner and is always responsive when you try to get a hold of him. We love working with YSP and will continue to do so in the future, Thank you so much for your hard work and quality work that you do, so that I can have fantastic photos on my walls.

Jeffrey Hewes
Amazing posters

We have posters of football, wrestling, bowling, softball and ballet. All of them are absolutely amazing and will be great keepsakes of sports memorabilia for when my kids grow up. These posters make great gifts for your young athlete.